Oilgear is one of the few companies in the world that can provide a complete array of services for any Extrusion application. We have gained a unique range of knowledge from our decades of experience and our hundreds of presses in operation, and also recognize that the future of the extrusion industry will have new requirements.

In order to maintain or gain a competitive position, productivity and quality need to be improved continuously. As an additional challenge in the current manufacturing environment, the required energy consumption for the extruded products need to be reduced considerably for cost and environmental reasons.

To achieve this, we have pioneered advancements for all parts of your extrusion press: manifolds, die changing, manipulator arms, billet loaders, distributed manifolds, shears, and complete control systems. These custom-engineered solutions will increase efficiency while simultaneously reducing downtime.

Our superior technical familiarity puts us in the position to provide innovative solutions for your application, from equipping new extrusion presses to undertaking the modernization of all types of presses in the field.

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Extrusion Examples

Extrusion Examples

If your extrusion operation has a relay logic system, a complete electronic system, or a mix of technologies, we have the ability to interface with it, and Oilgear can improve the function of your machine.

Extrusion Case Study:  S-Curve Ultra Speed Billet Loader

Extrusion Case Study: S-Curve Ultra Speed Billet Loader

Learn about the S-Curve Ultra Speed Billet Loader. This replacement for the traditional solenoid valve with flow controls setup has an average time savings per installation for the Extend / Retract cycle of 1.2 seconds.

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Oilgear Hydraulic Pumps


The Oilgear pump line was developed to achieve one primary goal – to provide our customers with a low cost of ownership. Our superior pumps are designed to last longer, consume less energy and provide the highest control performance in the industry.

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Oilgear Company is a Global Provider of Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions

More than 500 combined years of engineering expertise makes Oilgear always ready to be at your side. Oilgear has accumulated experience in so many different applications that we can cover all your needs.