Speed and efficiency mean a faster sales cycle, and the only way to achieve those two things is with reliable machines that give you more uptime. Material handling requires precise movements and strength and Oilgear has developed a number of products to ensure your machines are operating at their quickest and at their best.


Whether it’s raw materials, parts or finished products, all material handling requires solutions that are responsive and precise to ensure that efficiency is at its best. Operating these machines typically involves coordinating multiple actions at the same time and having systems that respond on-command are essential to keeping your worksite safe as well.

From operating cranes at seaports to driving forklifts through narrow aisles, Oilgear’s range of material handling products help you get the job done efficiently, safely, and with precision. Our team is committed to helping you find a solution that keeps your machines operating for the long haul, meaning more uptime for you.

Oilgear is known for designing lasting solutions for a world that relies on the material handling industry. If you’re looking for optimal material handling performance, we have a solution to harness the potential of your machines.