Oilgear designs and manufactures an extensive line of passive safety automotive test systems, from standard applications to custom systems of all sizes.  Our applications range from complete turnkey test stands to modernization of existing systems. Our expertise and technological resources allow us to implement even the most complex test requirements in a durable and reliable package.

Standout Characteristics

The use of state of the art technology makes our automotive test systems not only precise and reliable, but also easy to use and to maintain.

  • Available with hydraulic or fully electrical actuators
  • Turnkey delivery
  • Made in Germany
  • Closed loop control
  • Automated test report
  • Easy use and maintenance
  • Worldwide service infrastructure

As a leading manufacturer of passive safety test systems for the automotive industry, Oilgear is dedicated to provide maintenance support, repair and calibration services for consistent, trouble-free operation. Oilgear also provides these services to non-Oilgear test systems.


Among others, we provide systems for testing of:

  • Seat static load: headrest and backset
  • Seat belt anchorage
  • Impact Testing
    • Pedestrian protection
    • Ejection Mitigation
    • Body block
    • Free Motion Headform (FMH)
    • Linear impact
    • Pendulum

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  • Gravity pendulum
  • Roof and door crush

Seat Static Load


  • Testing of head restraints and seat back
  • according to FMVSS 202A, ECE R17 and other, similar requirements
  • Testing of up to 4 seats simultaneously
  • Fully electrical test system
  • 9 controlled axes and 8 electrical positioning axes
  • Slim module design allows for testing of small seating benches
  • Automated, laser guided headform positioning
  • Automated test report
  • Predefined test procedures (ECE und FMVSS) implemented
Krp - Oilgear

Seat back

Torque:up to 3,5 kNm
Angle:0 to 75°


Force:up to 2 kN
Horizontal travel:-190 to 510mm
Vertical travel:500 to 1300 mm

Height retention

Force:up to 600 N
Displacement:700 mm

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Seat Belt Anchorage


  • Testing of seat belt anchorages
  • Testing of ISO-fix child seat attachments
  • According to:
    • FMVSS 207/210  Seating Systems / Seat Belt Anchorage
    • ECE R14 European Safety  Belt and Anchorages
    • FMVSS 225 Child Restraint Anchorages
    • …and other similar standards
  •  Available with hydraulic or electrical test actuators
  • Electrical drives for positioning
  • Smart & space saving attachment of cylinders
  • User friendly Interface
  • Automated test report
  • Predefined test procedures implemented
  • Available in different configurations:
    • 3 to 12 rider units, each with a pull cylinder
    • single seat application with 3 cylinders
Oilgear Seat Belt Anchorage - Oilgear


Traction power

Hydraulic actuators:50 kN
Electrical actuators:44 kN

Pulling velocity

Hydraulic actuators:0,5 m/s
Electrical actuators:0,5 m/s

Max cylinder stroke:

Hydraulic actuators:1 000 mm
Electrical actuators:1 000 mm


Horizontal:± 20°
Vertical:± 20°

Impact Testing


  • Vehicle interior and/or exterior
  • Modular layout allows for combination of different test application in on system
    • Pedestrian protection testing
      • According to EC 78/2009 and 631/2009, Euro NCAP, US NCAP, JNCAP, GTR No.9, UN
    • Ejection Mitigation testing
      • According to FMVSS 226
    • Free Motion Headform testing
      • According to FMVSS 201, FMVSS 201U
    • Body block testing
    • Linear impact testing
    • Pendulum impact testing
  • Automated test report
  • Predefined test procedures implemented


Impact velocity:up to 50 km/h
Impactor mass: up to 40 kg
Oilgear Fmh Module - Oilgear
Oilgear Positioning System With Ejection Mitigation Module - Oilgear

Gravity Pendulum

Roof and Door Crush


  • Testing of Headform impact on headrest (energy dissipation)
  • Automated test report
  • Predefined test procedure implemented
  • Fully electrical
  • Fully motorized positioning
  • Electrical brake 


Testing velocity24,1 @111°
Max. angle120°
Max. velocity25 km/h

Oilgear Gravity Pendulum - Oilgear

Roof and Door Crush

  • Roof door crush resistance (static rollover)
    • according to FMVSS 216A and IIHS
  • door crush resistance (side impact simulation)
    • according to FMVSS 214
  • Actuators: Electrical or Hydraulic
  • Automated test report
  • Predefined test procedures implemented
  • Optional Head Positioning Fixture available


Force200 kN300 kN
Stroke500 mm1 000 mm

Some of our references in Automotive Test Systems

  • Adient (Johnson Controls)
  • AUDI
  • BMW
  • Brose
  • Daimler
  • Grammer
  • Lear Corporation
  • Opel/GM
  • Volkswagen

For further information on Oilgear Automotive Test Systems, do not hesitate to contact our Test System Competence Center at Oilgear GmbH Tel. +49 6145 3770, info@oilgear.de

Oilgear Head Positioning Fixture White - Oilgear
Oilgear Roof Crush - Oilgear