Subsea Pumps with Aerospace Reliability

For nearly a century, Oilgear has designed and produced world-class hydraulic control products known for incredible reliability. With the help of our Olmsted Products team, Oilgear offers a new line of subsea pumping and control products.

Taking You to the Bottom of the Ocean

Creating a new line of subsea control products takes time, resources and some of the best minds in hydraulic engineering. But for Oilgear, it was an easy decision to take the leap—all to bring you the best in subsea control.

With our reputation for reliability and the Olmsted Products division’s strengths in offshore valving, taking Oilgear subsea was a natural fit.

By leveraging cutting-edge engineering tools, material science and our unique testing capability, Oilgear brings an unprecedented level of application understanding and reliability to subsea control products.


Unlike the competition, Oilgear variable-displacement, axial-piston pumps aren’t limited by bearing life. Featuring our proprietary hard-on-hard technology, Oilgear pumps are some of the most rugged, longest lasting variable-displacement pumps on the market. In fact, the running surfaces in these pumps exceed Rockwell 65 during operation—and keep on going.

Our pumps thrive on environmentally friendly, high water content fluids. In fact, we’re so well-known for it that the Oilgear brand is closely linked to a number of fluid brands, like Skydrol®, Houghto-Safe®, Erifon®, Stack Magic™, Pelagic® and Oceanic®.

The Oilgear PVS pump is intended for subsea applications such as ROVs, subsea HPUs and BOP actuation. It provides a flexible means of meeting the requirements of API 53.

Oilgear Pump Pvwj - Oilgear


The Oilgear Subsea Directional Control Valve brings aerospace reliability to a whole new environment.

Our patent-pending, pressure-assisted design allows for 60% fewer parts than the competition. And with that comes a promise of reliability—with the assurance that the valve never sticks in a mid-shift position.

The metal-on-metal seating surface makes for an extremely robust product, capable of more than 100,000 cycles. The cartridge design enables easy installation and servicing. It also minimizes opportunities for user error.

The Oilgear Subsea Directional Control Valve is available in standard-duty and ultra-duty materials. Contact Oilgear for material information as well as test data.

Subsea Directional Control Valve Spm - Oilgear

The Subsea Pressure Regulator

The traditional subsea pressure regulator is a notoriously poor performer, prone to both oscillation and leakage. We’ve leveraged a century of hydraulic design expertise to create a superior product.

The Oilgear Subsea Pressure Regulator features increased accuracy and no oscillation. It’s available as pilot operated, manually settable or with electrotonic command.

The Oilgear Regulator is retrofittable. We can adapt the port configurations to fit your interface. Please contact Oilgear for more information.

Subsea Pressure Regulator Oilgear - Oilgear

Subsea Manifolds

At Oilgear, we’ve created complex offshore manifolds for decades. Products from our Olmsted Products division are used on nearly every modern drillship in the world. That’s because Oilgear produces DNV- and ABS-rated manifolds.

With ready-for-action, regularly stocked and custom-made products, Oilgear is a one-stop shop for manifold design and production.

Our engineering and analysis capabilities—paired with our experience with subsea materials—ensure your subsea project will be successful.

Oilgear Rov Subsea Control Manifold - Oilgear

Subsea Test Stands

Oilgear has an extensive collection of hydraulic test equipment.  Nearly all of our equipment is instrumented with data acquisition systems, capable of gathering data at 1/10,000th of a second.  Oilgear’s test equipment includes:

  • Two high-flow test stands, flowing over 15,000 GPM each
  • Over thirty pump flow test stands
  • High-contaminant, high-pressure fatigue cycle flow test stand
  • Subsea pressure control flow test stand
  • Static pressure test stands for pressures up to 40,000 PSI
  • Large cylinder extend and retract test stand
  • Extreme temperature functionality test stand
  • Cartridge valve verification test stand
Subsea Seawater Bop Testing - Oilgear