High-Pressure Pumping with Precision Control

Our patented Transfer Barrier™ Pumping System allows for precise control when pumping high-pressure water, chemicals or slurries. Our unique design has been applied to a diverse range of applications—including fracking, LNG, water-jet cutting and press control.


The Oilgear Transfer Barrier™ Pumping System uses the flow of oil from a hydraulic power unit (HPU) to control the motion of large pumping plungers with incredible accuracy. These plungers can pump chemicals, slurries or high-pressure water. Based on the area ratios (piston vs. rod) of the plungers, the Transfer Barrier can intensify or reduce output pressure.


The are four main reasons to select an Oilgear Transfer Barrier™ Pump for your tough, high-pressure application:

High Pressure Water Pumping System - Oilgear

Extremely Long Life

Our plungers are hydraulically driven—not mechanically. This allows for huge on-axis force. Large force means large plungers. It means fewer cycles. And, ultimately, longer seal and valve life.

Precision Pumping Control

The Transfer Barrier™ pump is variable displacement with almost zero output ripple. Oilgear uses proprietary control algorithms to achieve precision pumping control.

Flexible Packaging

Because the Transfer Barrier™ pump is driven hydraulically, the packaging can be easily adjusted to fit your footprint. For example, the HPU and electrics can be remotely located.


The Transfer Barrier™ pump can be configured to continue functioning, even if repairs are needed on part of the system. A triplex Transfer Barrier™ pump can easily change over to a duplex pump on the fly—simply by isolating the problematic components and changing the control algorithm.


  • LNG marine fuel delivery
  • LNG transport
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Well pressure testing
  • Managed pressure drilling
  • Water-jet cutting
  • Water-based forging and extrusion presses
  • Chemical injection
  • Crude oil and sour gas booster pump