No Project Too Difficult

Safety, longevity and reliability are paramount in every environment where oil and gas applications are utilized. Your job is already challenging enough, and Oilgear is a proven problem-solver, regardless of your application. We welcome any challenge and are ready to prove that we are your provider for the jobs that no one else is willing to take on.

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Transfer Barrier

High-pressure water, chemicals and slurries are now controlled precisely, whether it’s fracking, LNG, water-jet cutting or any other number of applications.

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Subsea Pumping
and Control

Controlling pumps in the depths of the ocean was a natural step for Oilgear, given the historical reliability and dependability of Oilgear’s Olmsted Products division.

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Offshore Motion

Olmsted products have a storied history for a reason. They’re proven time and time again to provide a safe solution for personnel and equipment at sea.

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