The Oilgear office near San Sebastian, in Hernani, Spain.

Oilgear Hernani, located near San Sebastian, support the customers with engineering, services, aftermarket sales activities, marketing, and manufacturing of VPE (prefill valves), complete systems (hydraulic & control) and equipped manifolds for the Oilgear group.

Our goal is to lead development in hydraulic solutions for demanding applications, providing custom made solutions for all segments in the most demanding industrial applications.


Oilgear Spain

Entidad Zikuñaga 62

20120 Hernani (Guipúzcoa) – Spain


Phone: +34 943 552700

Oilgear Hernani - Oilgear


After more than one century, Oilgear is a recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of electrohydraulic components and systems for the most demanding applications, providing custom made solutions.

In Oilgear we have specialist technicians in the field of hydraulic and automation engineering, experts in after-sales service technicians with a large experience and knowledge in this field, commercial and administrative services.

Our customers, whether they are manufacturers, users, integrators, or distributors, recognize our technical expertise, knowledge, and our added value in offering innovative solutions, thus guaranteeing the best performance in their machines.

Oilgear support all the customers in all their projects in the field of fluid engineering in order to offer you a turnkey solution: design, engineering, dynamic simulations, international project management, modernization of electrohydraulic equipment, POD ‘Power On Demand’ solutions, allowing them to improve in reliability, increase productivity and save energy on their production equipment.

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, our objective is to build a long-term partnership relationship. With a global presence spread across the American, Asian and European continents, where Oilgear provides its customers with local and personalized support.

Vpecb Rexroth Mounting - Oilgear
Lehigh - Oilgear


Oilgear provide different engineered solutions, due to our expertise and technological resources that allow us to implement even the most complex requirements in a durable and reliable way.

  • 3D Scan
  • Fluid compatibility: Multi-fluid Solutions including mineral oil, water based, Skydrol, glycols and biodegradables, …
  • POD (Power On Demand): Energy efficient drive solutions (save energy) and reduction in dead cycle time (improving productivity)
  • Simulation software: Multi physics simulation using simulation softwares, CDF and FEA analysis, component fatigue testing, …
  • Safety: Adaptation of machines to new regulations
  • SMPS: Smart Monitoring Predictive Solutions
  • Turnkey projects.


Oilgear provide different high pressure and high flow hydraulic component solutions (standard or customized), offering to the market a wide range of products:

  • Hydraulic piston pumps (variable displacement) up to 450 bar at speeds up to 3000 rpm.
  • Hydraulic piston pumps (fix displacement) up to 1000 bar at speeds up to 2200 rpm.
  • Prefill and exhaust valves.
  • Hydraulic equipped manifolds and systems
  • Cartridges, valves, … up to 1400 bar (standard or customized)
  • Other components: Air Dry Filter, EPC electronic cards, rotary actuators
  • Transfer Barrier pump: specific system/pump patented by Oilgear, which work with specific fluids: phosphate esters (Skydrol, Hyjet type) 95/5, 98/2, pure water… for the compression and displacement of fluid, gas, …
  • ***compatibility with different type of fluids***


Oilgear offer full aftermarket service packages for all hydraulic solutions including Oilgear and non-Oilgear systems.

  • Maintenance: Predictive, preventive, and corrective
  • Repair and inspection of equipped manifolds, pumps, and valves.
  • Hydraulic training
  • Retrofitting
  • Pipping


Oilgear design, manufacture, and test innovative hydraulic fluid power solutions for the most demanding applications, providing custom made solutions in:

  • Hydraulic presses: Extrusion (aluminium, copper, brass), forge (open and close dies, …)
  • Defense, military: Frigates, submarines, …
  • Civils: Mobile bridges, viaduct control, …
  • Energy: Nuclear, chemical, hydroelectric, thermal power stations, …
  • Marine: Hydraulic winch/lift technology systems, Vessel steering & propulsion systems, …
  • Aeronautics: Skydrol aircraft wing technology test rigs, …
  • Steel industry: rolling mills, descaling plants, …
  • Test systems for automotive passive safety: Seat belt anchorage, headrest/seat (static load), impact testing (FMH, pedestrian protection, linear impact, ejection mitigation, pendulum, body block), roof and door crush.
  • Oil&Gas: Motion compensation control valves, next generation subsea pressure regulation, I.W.O.C modular power packs, …
  • Mobile: excavators, cranes, compactors, forestry machinery, …


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Nicolas Puygrenier
Managing Director & Europe Eng. Leader

Pedro Charton
Sales & Business Development

Alberto Rodriguez
Aftermarket Sales

Asier Besance
Aftermarket Sales

Cesar Otamendi
Soporte Servicio Técnico a Clientes

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