The world’s population continues to rise, and with it comes the demand for greater efficiency when tending to the fields and forests that help shelter and feed the world. Planting, growing and harvesting requires much less work than it did years ago, but that shift has also increased the need for efficient, reliable performance out of these machines. Oilgear’s products have stood the test of time, consistently providing for these industries, even as the technology has evolved. 


Rough terrain and environments are a part of every corner of the world, and the machines that help tend to these fields and forests demand performance regardless of the outside conditions. Forestry is a notoriously challenging field to work in, whether it is cutting down trees, delimbing, handling or transporting them. All of these require precise movements to ensure safety for workers in these conditions. You can’t compromise, and Oilgear’s technology helps make sure that you have peace of mind knowing it will perform the task you put in front of it.

Agricultural applications understand these needs too. The technology in today’s equipment requires components that can handle the precision needed in the fields in order to keep up with the demand of a growing world. Oilgear’s products help take on those challenges, helping make farming a little easier and much more efficient than that of generations past.

If you’re searching for a high-quality, precise control solution to take on the world’s toughest agricultural and forestry needs, Oilgear has field-tested, proven solutions to make sure the job gets done effectively and efficiently.