Today’s construction equipment has come a long way from the loaders and dozers of generations past. The tough, grimy terrain—not so much. Even with the advancement in technology, there is still a need for solutions that provide exceptional performance and reliability in some of the harshest environments in the world. Oilgear provides those sophisticated solutions, regardless of your application.


Getting projects done on time requires solutions that will deliver time and time again, no matter the environment. The demand for construction around the world continues to grow, and with it comes the need to increase efficiency, safety, and the ability to get the job done more easily. Oilgear has met those demands throughout its history and continues to do so today.

Regardless of your application or the challenging environment, Oilgear has proven that there is a smart, technology-driven solution to fit your needs while continuing to deliver on the promises of high-quality, dependability and precision.

Oilgear products have proven their worth from the depths of the oceans to the surface of the moon and everywhere in between. Our team of engineers not only understands the needs of your application, they have the experience to know what solutions will work best to deliver consistent, precise performance to help you improve uptime.