Custom-Made to Work

We’re known for collaborating with our customers to design and build custom test stands for the automotive, industrial and aerospace industries.


At Oilgear, we manufacture and supply hydraulic test stands. We also provide a wide range of test stands for hydraulic motors, pumps, cylinders, servo valves and various actuators.

When you work with us, you’ll have all the information you need to build a successful hydraulic test bench. We deliver turnkey test stands for nearly all applications—including Skydrol® test stands for aircrafts and very high-pressure hydraulic test stands up to 1000 bar or more.

For your hydraulic system or components test, we’ll help you find the best solution. Our experts will take your requirements and design a test that fits them. Then, they work out a circuit and the schematics before manufacturing. And, if needed, we can simulate and prove the concept with a SimulationX model.

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The key components in our hydraulic test stands are Oilgear parts. That means they’re made for extreme conditions and incredible performance. The hydraulic pumps for high-pressure and high-flow test stands are check valve-type axial-piston pumps. With a working pressure of up to 1000 bar, they can handle your operations easily.

We’re experts in high-pressure testing and test benches. And we specialize in those that utilize special fluids like low-viscosity aerospace fluids—such as Skydrol—and typical offshore fluids—such as Stack Magic™, Oceanic®, Pelagic® and Erifon®. It’s all due to the proprietary design of our variable-displacement pumps. Thanks to them, we’re not limited to classic hydraulic fluids.

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We provide a number of specific hydraulic test stands for our industrial customers, including:

  • Hydraulic component test stand
  • Hydraulic pump test bench
  • Hydraulic servo valves and valve test bench
  • Hydraulic motor test bench
  • Hydraulic cylinder test bench
  • Hydraulic actuator test stand
  • Hydraulic test stand for aircraft


In the automotive industry, Oilgear is a leading manufacturer of passive safety test systems. Our portfolio includes an extensive line of passive safety automotive test systems with hydraulic or fully electrical actuators. Our applications range from complete turnkey test stands to updating existing systems:

  • Seat belt anchorage, ISO-fix attachments, according to
    • FMVSS 207, FMVSS 210, FMVSS 225
    • ECE R17
  • Seat static load: headrest and backset
    • According to FMVSS 202A, ECE R17
  • Gravity pendulum, according to ECE R17
  • Roof and door crush, according to FMVSS 214, FMVSS 16A, IIHS
  • Impact Testing, according to
    • Pedestrian protection
      • EC 78/2009 and 631/2009,
      • Euro NCAP, US NCAP, JNCAP,
      • GTR No.9, UN R127
    • Ejection Mitigation: FMVSS 226
    • Pendulum
    • Linear impact & Body block
    • Free Motion Headform (FMH): FMVSS 201, FMVSS 201U
Oilgear Pendulum - Oilgear
Oilgear Hrr - Oilgear
Side Crush - Oilgear

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